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1. 工商营业执照 (副本)

Business Registration (Official Duplicate)

2. 工卡或考勤记录 (过去十二个月),包括在职与离职人员。 如果是使用电子考勤,审核员可能需要从电脑直接审阅考勤记录,审阅是会在企业职员协助下进行。

Timecards or Attendance Records (Last 12 Months), including active employees and resignation employees. If electronicstime card is used, the auditor may need to review the time record directly from the computer, with the assistance from thefacility staff.

3. 工资表 (过去十二个月) ,包括在职与离职人员。如果工资是通过银行转账发放,请同时提供银行转账记录。

Payroll Records (Last 12 months), including active employees and resignation employees. If wage paid by BankTransfer,Bank Transfer record is required accordingly.

4. 员工花名册及员工个人档案(含身份证复印件)

Employee Roster and Employee Personnel Records (including I.D. card copy)

5. 劳动合同

Labor Contract

 6. 社会保险收据(过去十二个月),参保人员花名册,当地参保要求文件或合格证明文件(如适用)等;商业保险记录(如有),如商业保险单,商业保险收据

Social Insurance Receipts (Last 12 months), Name List, Social Insurance Local Policy or Qualified Certificate (whenapplicable), etc. Commercial insurance records (if any), e.g. Commercial Insurance Policy, Commercial InsuranceReceipts

7. 企业规章制度或员工手册(包括但不仅限于针对招聘、歧视、强迫劳动、工时、薪资福利、奖惩制度、健康及安全、结社自由和集体谈判、环境保护的内容)

Enterprise Regulation or Employee Handbook (Including but not limit to, recruitment, discrimination, forced labor,working hours, compensation & benefit, disciplinary procedure, working conditions, health and safety, freedom ofassociation and collective bargaining, environmental protection)

8. 政府有关当地最低工资标准文件

Local Minimum Wage Standard


Leave Application Form, Resignation Application Form with Approval (Last 12 months)

10. 当地劳动局关于综合计算工时工作制批文,不定时工作制批文(如适用)

Official Comprehensive Working Hour System Approval, Non-fixed Working Hour System Approval (when applicable)

11. 未成年工体检及劳动局登记记录

Young Workers’ Health Examination and Registration Records

12. 劳务派遣工的入职档案(含身份证复印件),考勤及工资表记录,劳动合同,社会保险收据及合格证明(如适用),参保人员花名册,劳务派遣协议,劳务派遣单位的营业执照,劳务派遣经营许可证

Dispatched Employees’ Personal Files with ID Card Copy, Attendance & Payroll Records, Labor Contracts, SocialInsurance Receipt & Certificates (when applicable), Name List, Labor Dispatch Agreement, Labour Dispatch BusinessLicense and Business Certificate of Labor Agent

13. 如果保安、清洁、食堂等外包,请提供外包服务合同。

If security, clearing, cooking are subcontracted, please provide Service Contract, Personal Files with ID Card Copy,Labor Contracts

14. 劳务承揽员工的劳动合同,入职档案(含身份证复印件),考勤及工资表记录,社会保险收据及合格证明(如适用),参保人员花名册,劳务承揽协议

Contracted (outsourced) employees’ Labor Contracts, Personal Files with ID Card Copy, Attendance & Payroll Records,Social Insurance Receipt & Certificates (when applicable), Name List, Labor Contracted Agreement

15. 聘用退休返聘人员,请提供与其签订的协议

If there are retirees hired to work again, please provide the agreement signed with retiree(s) hired to work again.

16. 聘用实习生,请提供实习生名单,学校、企业和实习生的三方实习协议

If Intern employed, please provide the list of Intern, Tripartite Agreement signed by the School, the Facility and theStudents

17. 聘用外籍员工,请提供《外国人就业证》和《外国人就业许可证书》

If foreigner employed, please provided the Foreigner Employment permits and Foreigner Employment License

18. 工会、员工代表委员会文件,集体劳动合同或自由谈判协议(如有)

Union or Worker Representative Committee documents, Collective Labor Agreement or Collective BargainingAgreements (if any)

19. 建筑竣工验收报告/备案

Construction Completion Acceptance Check Report / Register

20. 建筑工程消防验收意见书或消防备案记录

Construction Project Fire Safety Acceptance Document/Record

21. 灭火和应急疏散预案、演练记录、工伤记录等

Fire Fighting and Emergency Evacuation Plan, Fire Drill Record, Work Accident Records and Work-related InjuryRecord

22. 特种设备(如有)注册登记证(表)及检验报告,如电梯、起重机械、场(厂)内专用机动车辆、锅炉及压力容器(含气瓶,压力表及安全阀)等

Special Appliance (if any) Registration Certificate and Inspection Report, such as Lift, Lifting Appliance, Inside Specialmotor vehicle, Boiler and Compressing Equipment (including Gas Cylinders, Gauge and Safety Valve) and etc.

23. 特种设备作业人员(如有)操作证,如电梯司机、电梯安全管理员、起重机械司机、场(厂)内专用机动车辆司机、锅炉操作工、压力容器操作工等。

Special Appliance Operator (if any) Certificate, such as Lift Operator / Safety Administrator, Lifting Appliance Operator,Inside Special motor vehicle Driver, Boiler Operator, Compressing Equipment Operator and etc.

24. 特种作业人员(如有)操作证,如电工、焊接工等;

Special Operation (if any) License, such as Electrician, Welder and etc.

25. 主要负责人和安全管理人员培训证书

Training Certificate for The Principal in Charge and Persons for The Management of Work Safety in the Facility

26. (厨房)食品经营许可证(原餐饮服务许可证)及厨工健康证

(Kitchen’s) Food Operation Permit (The previous Catering Service License) and Cooks’ Health Certificate

27. 职业危害因素检测报告和员工职业健康检查报告

Occupational Hazards Factors Testing Report and Employee Occupational Health Examination Report

28. 化学品清单,化学品物质安全资料表,危险化学品事故应急救援预案和演练记录

List of all Chemical, MSDS, Dangerous Chemical Emergency Succor Plan and Drill Record

29. 安全生产教育和培训记录,如:消防安全培训、安全生产规章制度和岗位安全操作规程、安全使用化学品的培训、职业卫生培训

Work Safety Education and Training records, such as Fire Safety training, Work Safety Rules and Post Safety OperationProcedure, Chemical Safety Training Records, Occupational Health Training

30. 环保文件(如建设项目环境影响评价文件(环境影响报告书、环境影响报告表或者环境影响登记表),环评批复,建设项目环境竣工验收报告,污染物处理设施闲置、拆除批复,废水/废气监测报告)

Environmental Documents such as Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Documents (Environmental Impact Report,Environmental Impact Report Form or fill out Environmental Impact Registration Form), EIA Approval, AcceptanceCheck of Environmental Protection of Construction Projects, Approval of Pollutants Treatment Facilities Left Idle orDismantled, Monitoring Report of Wastewater / Waste Gas, and etc.

31. 危险废物处置单位的营业执照和经营许可证,危险废物处理合同,危险废物转移联单,危险废物跨市转移批复(如适用)等

Business License and Business Permit of Dangerous Waste Collector, Service Agreement and Dangerous Waste DisposalDuplicated Form, Approval for The Hazardous Waste Transferred to Other City (if applicable)

32. 辐射设备环境影响评价文件,环评批复,环境竣工验收报告,辐射设备安全许可证或豁免证明

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Documents, EIA Approval, Acceptance Check of Environmental Protection,Safety Permit or Exemption Certificate of Radioactive Equipments

33. 生产记录(过去十二个月),如生产日报表、收/发料记录、计件记录、品检记录等

Production Records (Last 12 months), such as Daily Production Records, Send / Receiving Materials Records, Piece-rateRecords, Quality Control Records, and etc.

34. 建筑平面图

Facility Building Layout

35. 主要生产机器设备清单

List of main production equipment

36. 公司社会责任体系方针或程序文件(包括劳动用工、工作条件、环境保护)和管理组织架构图,商业道德文件(包括反腐败、反贿赂、信息保密、反不正当竞争)(如有)

Written policy or process on company Social responsibility System (including labor and employment, working condition,environmental protection) and Management organizational chart; written policy on business practices (including BusinessIntegrity, Anti-corruption, Data Secrecy, Anti-unfair competition) (If any)

37. 分包商/供应商清单(如有)

List of Subcontractor/Supplier (if any)

38. 如果厂房是租赁的,请提供厂房租赁合同

If facility rent or leased, please provide the Rent or Lease Contract

39. 有效社会责任管理体系证书(如有), 如:SA8000、WRAP、 ICTI、RJC

Valid certificates on Social Management System (if any), such as SA8000, WRAP, ICTI, RJC

40. 其它文件(视乎审核情况所需)

Other documents, subject to actual circumstances during the audit


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